Music pedagogy education program

Orff Schulwerk pedagogy offers music and movement educators an approach that is not bound to any one environment or target group, and it believes in everybody's learning potential. Orff pedagogy is based on the belief in the importance of leaving room for the teacher's own skills, ideas, creativity, innovation, and learning.


Course instructors:

Soili Perkiö

Markku Kaikkonen

Elisa Seppänen

Terhi Oksanen

Mikko Seppänen

Tero Pajunen

Taavi Lehtonen

Training Schedule for music Pedagogy

Orff-Courses I, II, III

JaSeSoi’s courses are based on Guidelines for Music and Movement Education, extended studies in Orff-Schulwerk Finland. The Guidelines are made in connection with the international Orff-Schulwerk Forum’s Recommendations and Guidelines for Level Courses.

The main element in the course is to support the pedagogical growth of every participant. The training offers practical and extensive ideas on teaching of music and movement, based on the Orff-Schulwerk pedagogy, and promotes the versatile development of one’s pedagogical and musical skills.

There are two possibilities to participate in the course

1. Participating and completing the course

You can participate in the course starting from “Orff one”. Progression in the programme is based on the spiral principle, meaning that different areas are covered several times through various processes. One’s own experience is the starting point, followed by more in-depth applications. You can start from “Orff one” even though you are an experienced Orff pedagogue.

JaSeSoi’s plan is to make an adapted study structure for the international participants. They will study partly with the Finnish students (translated into English) and partly as its own group (sessions in English).
Orff I = 6 days
Orff II = 6 days
Orff III = Final seminar and International Music Village


The music and movement education programme Orff I, II and III is equivalent to 20 ECTS credits (one credit in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, or ECTS, is equivalent to 26 hours of study). JaSeSoi can not give university credits.

Participants completing Orff III will get a certification. Orff I and Orff II students will also receive a certificate acknowledging participation and number of course hours. After the Orff I and Orff II courses there will be assignments so that participants may try out in their own contexts what they have learned in the course. Orff III includes a teaching practicum, making a video and a written work.


JaSeSoi members
Courses 210€
Courses+Meals 340€
Courses+Meals+Accomodation 560€

Courses 160€
Courses+Meals 290€
Courses+Meals+Accomodation 530€

Courses 260€
Courses+Meals 410€
Courses+Accomodation 435€
Courses+Meals+Accomodation 630


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