"There is no music without movement, and no movement without music."

-Carl Orff

About us

JaSeSoi, Orff Association of Finland, is the association of independent and freely operating musical pedagogy to continue the work of musical upbringing first initiated by Musisoi in 1985. JaSeSoi enhances the development of Orff pedagogy in Finland by organizing all-round educational training programs. The aim of these programs is to support personal development and wellbeing of all participants as well as to help manage working life.

All individuals and organizations interested in music pedagogy can register to become members of JaSeSoi. The members of the association consist of music teachers, teachers of musical instruments, music therapists, class teachers, cantors, music teachers for early childhood, special education teachers as well as kindergarten teachers and nannies.

JaSeSoi organizes courses in pedagogy, and international educators are warmly welcome to attend. The education is available both in English and Finnish. Read more about Orff courses and International Music Village.

What's new


Final Seminar 2024

The final seminar is a gathering course, where the participant´s own pedagogical growth is reviewed through written assignments, discussions and pedagogical documentation. Read more about the Final…

International Music Village 8.-12.7.2024

The International Music Village is a pedagogical intensive training course for all people using music in their work. IMV is a great international networking arena for…

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